Star Wars Episode VII: A New Start?

Long long ago, in a Hollywood production house far far away, JJ Abrams began meeting everyone and their dog about Star Wars: Episode 7–scratch that, it’s pretty much been in the last few months and now it turns out he’s been flashing his light saber in the casting direction of luminaries such as Michael Fassbender & Hugo Weaving, both with form when it comes to beloved genre franchises.
Yet the more intriguing news comes in learning Abrams appears to have shifted the entire focus of the movie. After wrestling script control from original scribe Michael Arndt, Abrams has apparently set about with Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan returning the story to the aged trio of Mark Hamill‘s Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher‘s Princess Leia and of course Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo, away from the ‘children’ of the Skywalker/Solo family Arndt’s draft had as the main players, with the Fleetwood Mac of Mos Eisley playing second fiddle to the younglings.
Still lingering around in the decision process is the ghost at the feast, George Lucas, but he and LucasFilm heir Kathleen Kennedy appear, if reports are to be believed, behind the Abrams/Kasdan masterplan, which indicates Episode VII will tee up the next generation for leading roles in Episodes VIII and IX, allowing Luke, Leia & Han a true swansong of their own. Abrams is still meeting young ones for such parts – most recently Jesse Clemons of Breaking Bad fame joining a long list of future stars eager to climb aboard the Millennium Falcon.
As ever, take these reports with a few pinches of salt before LucasFilm or the House of Mouse throw any concrete details our way, but we for one can’t help but hope Fassbender finds time amongst being in everything else to show up here (as a cool Jedi, naturally) and Weaving does indeed play an ‘Imperial Commander’ as rumours suggest, because he’s so good at being bad. Not so sure about the mixed race grand daughter of Obi-Wan they’re looking to cast however… is it April 1st by any chance?
Star Wars: Episode VII will be released Christmas 2015, and you’re only going to miss that if you emigrate to Mars.
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