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Sick, Twisted, Sexy, Depraved, Warped and Dirty New ‘Filth’ Trailer

What better way to drag you into the trailer for a film going by the name of Filth than bold yellow words such as sick, twisted, sexy, depraved, warped and dirty?

Although this is the third international trailer released for the film so far, it has been announced as the very first ‘full’ trailer. It’s great to see James McAvoy, as always, as he tackles this adaptation of the 1998 Irvine Welsh novel of the same name and the film certainly looks all set to pack in the blunt, raunchy tone we are accustomed to from said author. Direction and screenplay scribing duties come from the hand of Jon S. Baird who Exec. Produced, directed and penned Cass in 2008.

James McAvoy is the films anti-hero, starring as a corrupt policeman, who will stop at nothing to get the promotion he wants. Assigned to solve a brutal murder case be sets about making sure his colleagues aspirations never come to fruition by ensuring their ruin. As he turns his colleagues against one another by stealing their wives and exposing their secrets, Bruce’s world starts to fall to pieces all around him in a web of deceit. His past begins to creep up on him with a missing wife, a crippling drug habit and suspicious colleagues all taking their toll on his sanity.

Released on September 27th in Scotland and October 4th elsewhere in the UK, audiences will discover if McAvoy’s character keeps a grip on his sanity long enough to disentangle himself from the filth.

We’ll leave you with the aforementioned new full length trailer for Filth which also stars Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots and Eddie Marsan.

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