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A Short Mission: BAFTA presents Short Sighted

BAFTA is one of the few companies that actively support film and television. Actively trying to feed talent back into the lucrative industry, BAFTA have offered aid for those who wish to leap off into the twisting and difficult world of film. In fact, if you don’t believe me, head to BAFTA Guru now and you’ll learn tips from all walks of cinematic life. Directors to actors are all there to help you with what you essentially need to be brave and follow your passions. And now BAFTA have teamed up with Shooting People! for another year for this phenomenal event on my favourite topic, short film, with their lucrative and bustling event – Short Sighted.

Helped by the British Film Council, Short Sighted is an annual day event that not only works at developing your short film ideas, but pairs you up with industry moguls keen to develop your work further. But more importantly, for just £35 a ticket, you get to venture to BAFTA at their base in London and you get to learn about those vital elements that make your film blossom from an idea into a blooming cinematic venture. From getting the components likes finances and crew all the way to distributing your film to the masses, if you feel that you can make it in the world of short film, then this is the event you have to go to.

Now if you ask me, I believe that short film is an every rising part of the lucrative film industry. Many famous names are turning to the medium, appearing in a vast array of different short films. There is also much artistic merit within the category – if you can make a fully formed film and compact the story into a smaller time scale yet still have the emotive arc and character development within it, then you have enormous talent. But why have that talent wasted? Head to Short Sighted on November 29th to find out more about how you can lift your project off the ground. Get your film seen!

But until then, there is plenty of helpful advice on BAFTA’s excellent television here, here, and here.


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