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Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut ‘Lost River’ Finds a Trailer

Women worldwide suffered Post-Traumatic Gosling Syndrome (PTGS) when the charming young actor who stole audiences hearts in Drive and Blue Valentine announced he would be taking a break from acting… to concentrate on directing. Usually, such a decision instills fear in the hearts and minds of cinema lovers everywhere, but Ryan Gosling looks set to buck the trend with his directorial debut Lost River, which premieres this week at Cannes Film Festival.

Little information has been released regarding the film’s plot so far, except that it stars Christina Hendricks as a single mother who delves into a dark lifestyle while her teenage son discovers a secret underwater utopia. The Notebook this ain’t! The teaser trailer gives little else away, but with beautiful abstract imagery, Lost River is certainly set to look stunning visually if the minute of footage released so far is anything to go by.

Gosling has described Lost River as a fantasy neo-noir with modern fairy tale elements and the more obscure parts of the trailer certainly seem to fit the bill. In press notes for the film, Gosling said “I wanted to make this film because it’s a movie that I would want to see. Like many children who grew up in the 1980s, I first approached the cinema through mainstream films. I was excited to shoot this kind of story, but with the language of filmmaker that I’ve acquired through the years,” (via Ryan Gosling Addicted). 

Did Gosling make the right choice or should he have stuck to the day job? Watch the trailer below and judge for yourselves.

What is the boy running from? Why is Matt Smith holding a microphone? And most importantly, why is he wearing sweatpants with a built-in codpiece? Let us know if you think Lost River is a future masterpiece or just a load of pretentious bollocks in the comments section below. I for one am currently undecided. 

With a release date expected some time later this year, stay tuned for our review.


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