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Rhino has Four Minutes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cameo appearance calms worries, bad news for Rhino fans though

Rhino (Paul Giamatti) is one of a number of villains who are going to appear in the upcoming blockbuster The Amazing Spider-man 2. We are all eager to see Jamie Fox‘s Electro on the big screen, and it’s going to be interesting to find out how the new take on the Green Goblin will play out, but numerous fans have expressed worries over the addition of a third villain to the film, Rhino. As nearly everyone will tell you, having three villains in Spider-Man 3 didn’t exactly make for a streamlined plot, and for a long time now there has been concern that this latest film will make similar mistakes and over-saturate us with villains.

Marc Webb however has now addressed those fears, telling us that Paul Giamatti‘s Rhino will only be making a brief appearance in the upcoming movie. The speculation now being that he is there in order to help drum up excitement for the future Sinister Six spin-off movie, which will focus on Spider-Man’s villains.

For now we will leave with this trailer:


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