There are roles that actors inhabit that stay with them for the whole of their career, no matter how far they try to break free. For Daniel Radcliffe, no farting corpse could blow away the spell of Harry Potter and Patrick Stewart will always be Picard. Iconic roles will always be beneficial in some ways and detrimental in others, and many will never see the success of their allusive performance.

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Chords in Conversation: Rob Skates Talks The Dark Below

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THE DARK BELOW is a realistic, creative and terrifying visual achievement. The planning on each level pertaining to the lighting, set design and cinematography are so evident as the world around both Rachel, Ben and their family becomes different levels of frozen hell. Cinematographer Rob Skates offers a truly chilling vision as he captures the survival, terror and hope through a creative eye and skillful technique. Rob took some time out to speak with Jay Kay of Cinema Chords to discuss the scope of THE DARK BELOW, the relationship he shares with the Douglas Schulze, POV, using the RED DRAGON camera and more.

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Review: RAW

When a movie professes to “make people faint,” you have to take it with a pinch of salt. After all, PR and marketing leap on
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Whether it’s a classic musical or a ground-breaking play, works written for the stage don’t always successfully translate to the big screen. Those that do, however, shine with such potential that makes for some of the most well adapted stage-to-screen films of all time, and in time, fundamentally earn the title of being classics in their own right.

To celebrate the release of one the most beautifully transitioned plays to film, The Pass, coming to DVD April 10th, we are taking a look at an array of the most thought-provoking and attention-grabbing plays which were resuited for the big screen.

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