Wanting to be a filmmaker since he was a child, Don Thacker started his career as a computer programmer before going on to start up his own film company Imagos Films. Now in his thirties, Thacker’s feature debut Motivational Growth took last years festival circuit by storm. It won the award for Best Comedy Film at the Louiseville Fright Night Film Festival, Best Narrative Feature at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and Best Special Effects from Los Angeles New Wave International FIlm Festival.

Motivational Growth deals with the subject of depression in an interestingly unique way telling the story of Ian (Adrian DiGiovanni), a reclusive thirty-something who hasn’t left his apartment for quite some time. At the point where he has had enough and contemplates taking his own life, a would-be mentor appears in the form of a talking mass of fungus (voiced by genre legend Jeffrey Combs). Guiding Ian to improve his standard of life, The Mold takes Ian on a twisted adventure that might not necessarily stem from good intentions.

We had the privilege of catching a screening of the film during last years Celluloid Screams film festival and where it served as an impressive directorial debut for Thacker, Motivational Growth remains one of the strangest things that we have ever seen in recent memory. Being a fan of the film, we were over the moon to discover that Fangoria have confirmed that everyone will get a chance to embrace Motivational Growth on 30th September when the film hits VOD worldwide via Devolver Digital Films.

“I’m incredibly excited for MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH to infect the global populace,” Thacker tells Fangoria. “It has festered in my mind for over a decade, and now gets to burst forth into everyone’s eyeholes. I can only hope that this release is as entertaining to watch as it was to make.”

The film will also be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in Canada on the same date with the film having its U.S. release the following week on 6th October via Parade Deck Films. There is no official news about a UK release at this time but we would like to congratulate Don Thacker on this news.

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