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‘Gotta Get Back in Time’ – Back to the Future Musical Announced

That’s right, Back to the Future will be adapted into an all singing version of itself to mark the 30th anniversary of the original film. The musical will be with us in 2015, which is the year Marty and Doc visited in the second installment of the franchise. It’s fair to say that the vision of the future that the 80’s conjured up isn’t quite the reality in which we live; we’re still waiting for the promised hovering skateboards, flying cars and the ability to hydrate a pizza, although we aren’t losing faith that we might see these come next year!

What is more definitely on the cards though is a musical which aims to be both celebratory of the original whilst also feeling fresh and exciting with new songs mixed in amongst the old classics. Alan Silvestri will be co-writing the music alongside Glen Ballard and we have Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale returning to the franchise in order to write the book for the new adaptation.

With familiar names turning up we have to wonder whether any of the original cast will be returning, there’s no word on that yet, but it would be pretty great to see them reappearing at the age they were made up to be in the second installment Back to the Future Part II.

Anyway, there are bound to be mixed feelings on this one so let us know what you think. For now we will leave you with this classic scene:

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