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Graham Humphrey’s stunning artwork for Film4 FrightFest 2015

This years hotly anticipated Film4 Frightfest is on the horizon sending festival attendees into a frenzy. The event itself will be taking place the Vue Cinema, Leicester Square between Thursday 27th and Monday August 31st and will be using six screens at the VUE, West End (which is one more than last year).

Those lucky enough to attend can expect to see north of 80 films and events in the programme. A festival pass this year will cost £185. Day passes are priced at £30.00 for Thursday, £60.00 for Friday and Saturday and both Sunday and Monday will cost £50 each. Single tickets this year will be £13.25. Interestingly there will be no famous sleepy queue this year as all festival and day passes will be sold online on 4th July at 10am.

Meanwhile, Graham Humphrey‘s poster for this years festival has finally been revealed and we here at CINEMA CHORDS have fallen head over feet for it.

Graham explains: “While I was looking for a theme for this year’s poster, I ran with the idea of Magic. At a recent visit to the incredible Cinema Museum in Kennington (one of my favourite haunts) I was admiring their extensive collection, among which I noticed a number of Victorian ‘Magic Lanterns’.

This formed the basis of my concept, the idea of magical projection through one of these exotic devices. Running with the theme, I took the application of Aleister Crowley’s ‘Magik’ rituals and placed our regular FrightFest monster posed in the distinctive manner of one of the best known photographs of ‘The Beast’.

Using the projection device, a legion of demons is unleashed, surround by magical symbols. They – just as we will – are enjoying the shared spectacle generated by the satanic lamp.”

We’re excited for what’s to come and you can bet that we will be there in August to share every bloody moment with our fans! For more information about the festival please visit the official website here.

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[HORROR AND SCI-FI EDITOR] Jon Dickinson graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2006 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on PR and Multimedia. Since graduating he has contributed to several publications and regularly attends some of the biggest film festivals in the UK including Film4 Frightfest.