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Goldlove Pictures Drops Trailer for ‘LUMINA,’ Gino McKoy’s Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Spectacle

Goldlove Pictures has debuted the official trailer for Gino McKoy‘s feature directorial debut, the off-the-wall science fiction shocker Lumina.

Directed, written, and produced by Mckoy, who leads a cast that includes the legendary Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, Best of the Best, The Specialist) together with up-and-coming talent Rupert Lazarus, Eleanor Williams, Andrea Tivadar, Sidney Nicole Rogers, Ken Lawson, and Emily Hall, Lumina follows a group of friends thrust into a terrifying predicament when one of their own is mysteriously abducted. After being hunted by alien menaces, tracked by the government, and chased by lights in the sky, they soon realize that they have been drawn into a situation far beyond their control or comprehension.

Commenting on the film, McKoy says, “I found solace in writing Lumina. I wanted to see the psychological effect of losing someone to an alien abduction. How would it affect the people who knew that person, what would they do? I embarked or shall I say I went down the rabbit hole of conspiracies and alien abductions but I came out of it much more informed. Normally a topic like this is met with ridicule and laughter and, in some instances, passive-aggressive behavior toward people who claim to have experienced this phenomenon.

However, with all that said, abductions are real and millions experience this every year throughout the world. The stigma surrounding this has kept many from revealing the truth, but I spoke to the few who would talk. It was compelling to hear US Marines and other people in various sectors of society share their truth.

Vindication for those ridiculed about their alien abduction stories happened in 2024 with the US congressional hearings of three former military officials under oath. Lumina is about the journey of a group of friends trying to find the truth and true storytelling at its core. If you are not emotionally attached to the characters in a movie, then it’s not worth watching or telling that story. Movies are emotions and through those emotions, we hope to find the truth and also enjoy living in that moment in time.

Some say it’s Hollywood but is it Hollywood or art imitating real life and real abductions… Embrace the darkness, Fear the light…”

Lumina opens in over 1,000 theaters across the U.S. this coming July 12, 2024.


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