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Francisco Barreiro is Love Sick

Last week we announced that American Mary’s Tristan Risk had been cast in director Todd E Freeman’s upcoming film Love Sick.

This week sees another exciting cast announcement as Francisco Barreiro (We Are What We Are, Here Comes the Devil) has signed on in the role of Marcus in the upcoming feature from Polluted Pictures.

“Francisco is the real deal,” says Writer / Director Todd Freeman.  “When I first saw him in ‘Here Comes the Devil’ it was obvious that he wasn’t afraid of anything in regards to subject matter.  The fact that he played a father and husband also immediately spoke to me while deciding on who was going to play Marcus.  ’Love Sick’ is a complex character study and he’s so obviously up for the challenge.  It’s sort of dream casting at it’s best.  These two actors are at the top of their game and I’m just humbled to be working with he and Tristan.”

The film tells the story of a couple whom, after much thought, have decided to part ways. However, after their separation they realise how hard it is to disconnect from one another as the pain of their lies and betryal begin to manifest physically within both of them and to the others they have become involved with.

Barreiro says, “Love Sick deals with a horrific phenomenon: the human body physically manifesting the secrets that one hides within. Uniquely depicting how deep lies and manipulation infest the lives of others, we experience the terror of how real evil brews from the inside out.  The stylish short on which LOVE is based (M is for Marriage) and the powerful script make this a wonderful challenge for me as an actor. Being able to go deep inside the horror of Marcus really interests me. I feel passionate and thrilled to be part of the film.”

We’re already firm fans of Freeman’s whose previous short M is for Marriage (see below) gave a unique insight into the world of Love Sick. So when it was announced that Tristan Risk was on board we were already hooked and wanting more so now with Francisco Barreiro joining the project we can’t help but think how truly awesome the film is going to be.

Love Sick is currently completing development, including further casting and will be moving towards production in the late spring.




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