Famous Movie Scenes Rebuilt in Lego

Over the years LEGO has developed into one of the worlds most recognised brands spawning clothing lines, books and theme parks dedicated to the toy. Based on the world’s hunger for all things LEGO, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to jump on the bandwagon and we can’t wait for Valentine’s Day when The Lego Movie will be released in cinemas across the UK.

So with the movie just around the corner we bring to your attention the work of artist Alex Eylar. He has taken his love of Lego one step further to recreate some iconic movie scenes that have graced the big screens over the years. Shooting exclusively in California, Eylar has also been able to capture the lighting and cinematography of each scene perfectly. Here are a few examples of Eylar’s work.

lego-movie-scenes-clockwork-orangeA Clockwork Orange

lego-movie-scenes-exorcistThe Exorcist



lego-movie-scenes-shiningThe Shining

enhanced-buzz-13040-1288631065-28Reservoir Dogs

We think Eylar’s work with LEGO is simply outstanding so if you would like to see more of his creations you should check out his official flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hoyvinmayvin/.

The Lego Movie will be in UK cinemas on February 14th.