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Dive of a Lifetime Devolves into Life-or-Death Struggle to the Surface in Shark Shocker ‘THE LAST BREATH’

Shark movies have long been a part of the zeitgeist, depicting humanity’s uneasy relationship with the ocean’s apex predators. This year has seen a surge of thrilling new shark-themed releases, including standouts like Under Paris, No Way Up, and Something in the Water – films that prove the sub-genre continues to have plenty of bite.

Poised to continue the subgenre’s recent success is Joachim Hedén‘s (Breaking Surface) edge-of-your-seat shocker, The Last Breath. Directed by Hedén, from a script written by Nick Saltrese, and starring Kim Spearman (As I Am), Jack Parr (“Peaky Blinders”), Alexander Arnold (Yesterday), Erin Mullen (“Midsomer Murders”), Arlo Carter (“Doc Martin”), and Julian Sands (A Room with a View), the film sees the warship USS Charlotte, emerge for the first time in eighty years after a tropical storm. Levi (Sands), an aging expat running a tourist dive business in the British Virgin Islands with recent college drop out Noah (Parr), has made it his lifelong pursuit to find this long-lost wreck. When Noah’s friends visit the island they insist that they all do a once-in-a-lifetime dive on the newly discovered wreck before it’s handed over to the authorities. What starts as a dream dive rapidly turns into a nightmare as they become trapped in the darkness of the Charlotte’s interior, thirty meters down with a dwindling air supply. And, much to their chagrin, they then discover they’ve got company.

We’ll leave you with the trailer which were certain will serve as the ultimate bait, sure to leave you yearning to see the The Last Breath when it releases in theaters and everywhere you rent movies on July 26, 2024 via RLJE Films.


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