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Discovery Screen Recommendations for Film4 Frightfest 2014

FRIGHTFESTPOSTThis August bank holiday will see the return of Film4 Frightfest as it graces London’s famous West End for its fifteenth year. Providing an opportunity for horror fans and filmmakers to come together and watch a carefully selected collection of horror films.

Frightfest has continued to thrive as the UK’s most popular horror festival. Over the years the festival has grown in size and it was during 2009 FrightFest that the organisers introduced the “Discovery Screen” which would show the smaller entries to the festival. The Discovery Screen has been host to such films as Glenn McQuaid‘s I Sell The Dead, Bruce McDonald‘s Pontypool, Adam Wingard‘s A Horrible Way to Die and Dominic Brunt’s Before Dawn.

The most popular films shown on the discover screen are repeated at various times over the course of the festival. The screenings have proved very popular which has led to the introduction of an additional discovery screen during last years festival where such films as Christian James’ zombie comedy Stalled, Bobcat Goldwaite’s Bigfoot thriller Willow Creek and Elliot Goldner‘s terrifying film The Borderlands.

This years Frightfest has scheduled a whopping sixty-five features across its three main screens and the two discovery screens. But if this isn’t enough already, Discovery Two will be host to a number of additional events which include the annual Film4 Frightfest Short Film showcases and the Short Cuts to Hell 2 competition. Plus, The Duke Mitchell Film Club will be taking over on the Saturday night to host a screening of the genre-bending thriller Coherence that will be followed by a special afterparty.

So this year will feature a truly cracking line-up for the Discovery Screen as over thirty features will be shown. Focusing on the discovery of new talent from across the globe the Discovery screens will feature such films as Christopher Denham‘s heart-racing thriller Preservation, Zachary Donahue‘s cyber chiller The Den, David Campbell‘s Australian outback urban legend Lemon Tree Passage and Casey La Scala‘s rapture horror The Remaining.

With so much on offer it would appear that for those lucky enough to hold a festival pass, they have an incredibly hard decision to make as there are will be no repeated screenings so it looks like some sacrifices will have to be made. So to help those who are still in two minds over what to see we here at Cinema Chords have put together this list of ten Discovery films that we think deserves your consideration.


A marriage gets of to a rocky start for Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway in Leigh Janiak‘s directorial debut Honeymoon. After finding his wife Bea wandering in the forest for no reason Paul begins to suspect something sinister than sleepwalking took place deep in the woods. Honeymoon is a well acted character driven psychological thriller that will no doubt please indie horror fans looking for something different.



One part Dirty Harry, one part The Wolfman, both parts bonkers… you will not want to miss out on the UK Premier of Lowell Dean’s ultimate Friday night movie Wolfcop. Leo Fafard stars as disgraced cop Lou Garou who finds himself turned into a werewolf as part of a greater plan. Given new abilities as part of his recent change, Lou starts his quest to become a better man one transformation at a time.



Simeon Halligan directs Lee Williams and Pollyanna McIntosh as they play a married couple who after being impressed by an isolated farmhouse on the Scottish borders decide to relocate. During their first night in their new home a noise is heard from downstairs which sparks off a deadly game of cat and mouse between Sarah (McIntosh) and the intruders. Straw Dogs meets Eden Lake, White Settlers is a must for fans of the home invasion thriller.



A Frightfest favourite amongst festival goers, director Adam Green returns to the festival with his documentary that blurs the line between fantasy and reality Digging Up The Marrow. Halfway through directing this documentary with his cinematographer Will Barratt at his production office, Green was confronted by policeman William Dekker who claims monsters are real. This film provides the answers and evidence for those brave enough to watch.



Director Jessica Cameron‘s Truth or Dare is a horror film for the YouTube obsessed generation. Six college students find internet stardom when they make a video about a fatal shooting that goes viral. After revealing that it was all a hoax the group make plans for their follow-up only to have the shoot interrupted by a crazed fan who has crazed plans for them all ending in devastating consequences. Hailed by the Soska Sisters, Cameron’s shockingly realistic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.


disco_existsEXISTS – UK PREMIERE

The Granddad of found-footage Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project) returns to the genre with his latest movie Exists. Telling the story of five friends who are on their way to a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun. On their arrival they quickly discover that the cabin is located inside the lair of the legendary Bigfoot. So with their car destroyed and their generator gone, they must work together to find a way out of the woods before they meet a ghastly demise.



Chad Archibald (Antisocial) returns to Frightfest with his latest feature The Drownsman. Telling the story of Madison (Michelle Mylett), whom after almost drowning in a lake is forced by her friends to face her fears only to unleash the supernatural force of The Drownsman (played by Ry Barrett). So when her friends are taken one-by-one by the malevolent force Madison has no choice but to take action to save her friends and put a stop to her never-ending nightmare.



Looking for something similar to Critters or Ghoulies? Does your heart melt when you think about little Gizmo from Gremlins? If the answer to both question is yes then you must check out Jacob Vaughn‘s laugh-out-loud comedy horror Bad Milo a film starring Ken Marino as a stressed out business man cursed with a demon that resides deep in his bowels. Yes you read that right. With its tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek Bad Milo will have you in fits of laughter if it doesn’t gross you out first.




Director Jason Bognacki‘s Another is a love letter to Argento Fulci and Bava fans. The film stars Nancy Wolfe as Aunt Ruth, a woman who stabs herself during a family gathering, unlocks secrets that leads her niece Jordyn into a journey of hallucinations, black outs and unknown locations. As Jordyn continues her investigation of her new nightmarish existence she must face unspeakable danger in order to find out who she really is. Full of mystery and intrigue that will no doubt satisfy Giallo fans.



Dubbed as the ‘Edgar Wright of Spain’ Nacho Vigalondo brings his sci-fi romantic comedy Extraterrestial to Frightfest. Telling the story of a hung-over Julio who wakes in the apartment of a woman he doesn’t’ recognise only to find out that there is a an enormous spaceship hovering outside the window. So whilst Julio has to deal with a jealous neighbor and an invasion of shape-shifting aliens he must piece together what has happened in order to avoid annihilation.

Film4 Frightfest will take place at VUE West End, Leicester Square, London between 21st and 25th August 2014. There are plenty of other films that will be played over the course of the festival so if you want more information on what will be shown why not swing by the official website here.


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