Bruce Campbell Confirms Army of Darkness Sequel

Sam Raimi’s horror film The Evil Dead has become a worldwide sensation since it was released, not just because of Bruce Campbell’s legendary performance, but for how incredibly gory it was. The film made a name for itself by catching 1981 audiences off-guard, showing them terrors that they had never experienced before.

Recently Fede Alvarez remade the 1981 original with both Raimi and Campbell on board as producers. When the film was released earlier this year fans worldwide were divided. But after years of rumours surrounding a potential sequel to 1992’s Army of Darkness, Evil Dead legend Bruce Campbell announced during the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con that Army of Darkness 2 will happen.

Whilst at the convention, Campbell joked, “Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be all right. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it.”

That’s all we know about it yet but you can be assured that once we find out more we will certainly keep you informed.

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