Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise Gains Even Stronger Cast

The cast for Ben Wheatley’s next film has just had some new additions, and boy do they sound exciting.

 Mr Wheatley is one of Britain’s most interesting up and coming talents, having directed the chilling Kill List and dark comedy Sightseers among others. Along with his regular players Reece Shearsmith and Peter Ferdinando, Wheatley’s next film, titled High-Rise, will feature the talents of Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and The Hobbit’s Luke Evans. This is in addition to the already high-profile cast of Tom Hiddleston, Sierra Miller and Jeremy Irons.

Having risen in popularity through doing fairly low budget, independent productions, it’s exciting to see Wheatley gain such a great cast of A-list actors. This also marks the first time Wheatley has taken on a novel; a move which, if done right, should allow him to gain an even larger audience.

High-Rise will be an adaptation of a classic novel by JG Ballard, with a screenplay by Wheatley’s regular collaborator Amy Jump. The film will center on a newly built residential tower on the eve of Thatcher’s England. In classic Wheatley fashion what is intended to be luxurious and peaceful will soon break down into mounting violence and horror. Filming starts in July, and I can’t wait.

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