Adam Driver To Play Major Star Wars Villain?

Adam Driver’s name seems to be pure gold in Hollywood thus far this year as the HBO’s Girls star has heard his name being flung around from project to project.

Having recently denied all rumours that he has been cast in the unnamed JJ Abrams Batman vs Superman film as Nightwing, Driver is however confirmed to be in the final negotiation stage to play a main villain in Star Wars: Episode VII. The villain is rumoured to be in the ‘vein of Darth Vader’, but we will have to wait to find out if he’ll have to start practising his heavy breathing skills.

Not due to hit our cinemas until 2015, Star Wars: Episode VII will begin shooting on the streets on London this spring, if Jack Bauer leaves the place more or less habitable after the havoc we can expect in the upcoming 23 series.

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