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Short Film

A Short Mission: ColourBleed

Sometimes, in movies, story has been substituted for style, and focusing on the visuals can detriment the whole effect of the movie. ColourBleed suffers somewhat from this, but luckily, what it doesn’t have in plot, it makes up for with sweeping and beautiful effects.

It tells the tale of a colourful punk rock girl living in the drib and drab world of Eastern Europe. Distracted by her imagination and the finer details in life, a worker in an office stamps her hand and with it, gives her a power that is equally gruesome and beautiful.

From director, Peter Szewczyk, the film is teeming with some outrageously fabulous images. Working on different computer effects and engaging us with a whole multitude of the spectrum, Szewczyk’s vision is a teaser for a mind that is submerged in astonishing detail.

The hope here is that ColourBleed is just a teaser because it all feels like it is floating along with its prettiness and not really going anywhere. There isn’t a grounded heart to the movie that evokes you in anyway and there is a little disappointment when it ends because it never rounds off nicely or leads you to a truly convincing story.

That being said, you can enjoy ColourBleed for having the upper hand of its visuals. Indeed, here, beauty is only skin deep but that beauty is a masterpiece of pallets and art.

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