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Short Film

A Short Mission: Blinky

Here is a little warning now it is coming to Christmas; a toy is for life (or til it breaks) and no present can fill the voice or love missing from your life. Oh, and never tell your servant robot to kill everyone – that can only be bad.

This is the harsh reality in this futuristic short Blinky. Young boy Alex is sick of his parents fighting all the time. When he comes across an advert for a robot and the whole family is smiling, he asks for one; believing that the robot would solve all the household problems. When this doesn’t happen, Alex is infuriated and lashes out against Blinky. Unfortunately, that leads to a whole lot more issues than just a broken circuit board.

Director Ruairi Robinson has done a magnificent job on portraying futuristic technologies. Blinky is extremely life like, as in, if you weren’t sure that this was done on a computer you would believe that the advancement of robotic technology was upon us. Robinson designed him, voiced him and motion captured him so his movements are astonishingly beautiful and fluid. More to the point, Robinson has delightfully crafted a darkly comic movie that is certain to be the spark of a sentinel warfare.

But underneath that, there is a semi-heart breaking story of a boy who just wanted things better.

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