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Short Film

A Short Mission: 7:35 In The Morning

Ever wanted to just burst into song? Want to be part of a musical? Do you see someone you love and feel the urge to serenade them? Ever held an entire café at bomb point just to prove a point? Well, before you get ahead of yourself this year, planning all sorts of romantic nonsense; just watch this superb short and musical number 7:35 In The Morning and see exactly why it was nominated for an Oscar in 2004.

This little Spanish film sees a women enter a café to find everyone that she is used to chatting with has plunged into an unknown silence. And everyone is just a tad on the nervous side. When she grabs her coffee and sits down, utterly bewildered; a man soon erupts into a song that is seemingly directed at her. As the patrons sing along, with lines taped to their hand, it turns out that this very nice, sweet gesture is in fact one of the scariest declarations ever witnessed.

7:35 In The Morning is an utterly genius short film with a baffling, catchy and surprisingly sinister song. The whole set up starts well-meaning and heartfelt before descending slowly into this terrifying ordeal for this woman, who from the get go doesn’t trust the man singing. Director Nacho Vigalondo’s (ABCs of Death “A is for Apocalypse” and the amazing Timecrimes/Los Cronocrimenes) work is extremely tongue-in-cheek, and pretty much will tick a lot of boxes for those feeling Valentine’s Day blues already. The ironic atmosphere bubbles as the film, singing and dancing, goes straight into the darker side of professing feelings for someone. The fluff is momentary and falling in love with the song only makes the end boil with great darkness.

One thing is for sure; if you thought Frozen songs were instilled in your cranium you’ll never get this song out of your head.

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