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Short Film

A Short Mission #6: Dawn (Part One)

Dawn (Part One) follows in the footsteps of Looper, the 2012 blockbuster starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gorden-Levitt, and is a futuristic thriller which provides a tantalizing peek into a world of time travel.

A shady and illusive short, this provides audiences with a tiny taste of what is to come of this sequence of films, definitely enough to keep viewers eager for the next shorts.

Very convincing SFX and CGI see Dawn provide a visually impressive look into the future. Surprisingly, especially for an independent short, Dawn boasts an array of eye catching and detailed futuristic gadgets which look like they have fallen straight from a Hollywood film.

Writer and director Olaf Blomerus provides enough for viewers to be kept in the dark but wanting more, in this brilliant little short.

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