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47 Ronin Theatrical Trailer Unleashed

It has certainly been a long and winding road for Universal’s 3D fantasy adventure, 47 Ronin.

Following a half-breed slave (Keanu Reeves) in mythical Japan as he joins a band of 47 masterless samurai in a quest to avenge their master’s murder, the film has already experienced not one, but two release date bump backs with Universal taking over the editing process, ousting Karl Rinsch from the editing suite for his directorial debut. Following a series of 3D reworks, multiple reshoots and the budget shackled to the $200 million mark, Ronin 47 is now slated for a Christmas Day US release and Boxing Day UK release — when most people will be opening their presents and sat around the turkey dinner table.

The latest trailer for the film has just been released (via MSN) so we’ll leave it to you to decide if this one is worth the risk of missing the annual family gathering.

[iframe id=””]

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